Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 1

December, Christmas, the holidays.

This is my third one without my son Eli to celebrate with Nolan and I. The first Christmas I was numb. Nolan had been home from the NICU for only a month and Eli had only died three months earlier. I was struggling to remember to breathe and still trying to heal from a traumatic pregnancy and birth, an extensive c-section and a stressful grief filled hospital stay. I was caring for a medically fragile child and filled with worry. Sometimes getting out of bed was an accomplishment.

The second Christmas, last year, I was rear ended while sitting at a stop light on December 5th. It was a five car accident and I was hurt. I went to the emergency room that night and then went home. Once again, sometimes getting out of bed was an accomplishment. I lived off of pain killers for months. I couldn't lift Nolan up at all. If it wasn't for the help of my mom I don't know how I would have cared for him. Christmas was tough but once again I was numb to the full experience of not having Eli here with us.

This year I have come to realize that this year is going to be the time for me to fully experience the holiday grief. I have been crying regularly and at unexpected times for the past couple of weeks. I know this grief needs to be expressed and released and I want to do that. I will allow myself to cry as I need to and honor my sadness
Within that I need to make sure that I honor the celebrations of the holidays. I love Christmas, always have. I have some amazing memories of Christmas with my family as a child and as an adult. I want to make sure I continue to have those memories for myself and for Nolan
I have chosen to make December a month where I make sure I see the small celebration everyday. And today is December 1st.

Small Celebration

This morning I was able to set Nolan's bowl of oatmeal on his tray. I gave him a spoon and with a little help he fed himself. He was so excited to do it he yelled "YAY!" after the first 5-10 times. When I had to step away from his high chair I took his bowl and set it on the table and he threw a fit until I gave it back to him.  This is a big celebration because this is the FIRST time he has ever been able to have a bowl of food on his tray and not play in it.  His sensory issues would interrupt his eating and it would be almost impossible for him to do this. I am so proud of him! And even better than that he was proud of himself.

In closing I wanted to post a picture I created last night. December is TTTS - Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome - Awareness month. We need more general OB's to understand the dangers of TTTS for identical multiples pregnancies. We need more mothers pregnant with identical multiples to be knowledgeable about TTTS. We want more twins+ to grow up healthy and together.

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