Sunday, January 8, 2012

May All Creatures Live In Peace

The very first lines made me think of Eli
"I have felt the wind blow
whispering your name."
When I am aware of that feeling I understand that one of the greatest gifts Eli gave to me was to help me continue to understand how we are all connected and how love never dies. That while my arms may miss to hold him the truth is he never left me or Nolan. If I could just allow myself to believe and stop grieving what I think should have been.

We have a beautiful place to live, this planet. A place to share with other beautiful creatures. May we all remember that we are connected and united through love. May I remember that I cannot live the life of love I wish to if I act unlovingly. My responsibility is to remember that every day, every moment, every breath - I choose to love.

May all creatures live in peace.