Monday, December 10, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 10

Small Celebrations

This is an easy one.
I have been on a number of sensory processing disorder support pages in which parents have shared how their sensory child had problems sleeping at night, whether is was falling asleep or staying asleep. Boy, did that resonate with Nolan's experiences recently. The lack of sleep we had both been facing was leading to more difficult days for Nolan with unexpected melt downs. And mornings for me where my body hurt, I was so tired. So I was ready to try something fairly natural that would help Nolan, and then me by default, to sleep at night. Last night was the first time and I must say it worked!!!
Nolan slept all night. :)
And I decided to try the 3mg of melatonin too, just because, and I slept too! A wonderful sleep. I woke up refreshed, relaxed and even energized! I literally felt like a NEW person!
So tonight is another melatonin night in hopes that Nolan and I can continue this pattern of good, healing sleep. 

Yay for sleep!

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