Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 18

Small Celebration

Celebrating traffic delays and highway closures on a Monday morning.  I had a 9am job interview this Monday. It was only about 13 miles away but in trying to be the organized planner I left my house around 8am so that I could make sure to give myself the time I might need to find a building that, according to the person I was meeting with, was hard to find. So I leave my house and get on the freeway. As I am waiting for the on ramp light to turn green for me I notice that traffic is starting to slow down on the freeway in front of me. By the time I actually get on the freeway it is almost at a dead stop. Nothing I can do now but sit there and try to get off at the next exit. That next exit is two miles down the road. That two miles ends up taking me an hour to get to. At 8:30am I called the person I was meeting with to let her know I would be late and why. Her next appointment is 10am. She gave me the choice of rescheduling or getting there as soon as I could. I went with getting there as soon as I could. I finally get off of the freeway at 9am and within 30 minutes I am walking through the door. During my drive I kept hoping that I would be shown why this delay had to happen today and that it wouldn't negatively effect my chances for the job. When I got to the office I was only able to meet with the person who was to interview me for about 15 minutes.


After that I was able to step into another office and have a 45 minute conversation with the owner of the business. We clicked  and connected. And I am happy to say that I was offered the job this afternoon. I really, truly, completely believe that my opportunity to talk with the owner of the business like that is what got me the job. Had I left my house 5 minutes earlier I would have been past the accident that caused the freeway closing or a possibly even a part of it. Had I left 5 minutes later I would have seen the freeway was closed and would not have gotten on it and probably would have gotten to the interview on time and not had the one on one time with the owner.  Interesting....  :)

So, I have been hired as a Program Coordinator at "Mad Science". They create after school programs and day camps for kids that focus on science projects and experiments. The schedule has flexibility with the perfect hours to fit in with my life. My first day of work is Thursday. Another opportunity in the educational field!  I am ready!

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