Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 4

Small Celebration

Today I celebrate my clients. I have made a number of changes in where and when I see my clients since I opened up shop in 2009. There were many that I lost with all the time I had to take off due to the pregnancy, my boys and my health challenges. And some others left when I decided to work only via the phone or skype. But the clients who have made these changes with me I am so thrilled to have. I had a powerful client session today and it let me experience again the joy I feel when I am able to support someone in their personal growth, awareness and transformation. It helps to remind me that I am good at that. And I feel as though I am fulfilling a deeper purpose in my life while I assist someone in fulfilling theirs. There is no more beautiful feeling in my professional life than when I know I have done this. 

This is one of my work spaces. 

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