Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 26

Small Celebration

I officially re -enrolled in college! 
I signed up for four classes today. I decided to work on finishing my bachelors and I even changed my field of study. I have about 1/2 the credits needed. I was focusing on psychology, a natural for me, but it never completely resonated for me. I never wanted to be a therapist. Life coach, hypnotherapist? Yes. Therapist? No. So, after the many changes and challenges I have experienced over the past couple of years I have realized that what I truly, truly wish to do is use my voice, my words and share my passion for communication. :) 

I learned so much about communication in my years as an airline employee. I watched how people talk to each other when they are stressed, fearful, in pain and in joy. In all my years with the airlines it is very possible I have watched over a million people be and act. I learned how to talk to people who were crying, sick, drunk, screaming in anger. And on a couple of really bad days I learned how to manage a riot. I learned how to be confident even when I was shaking in my shoes, because the group needed someone to be a confident leader. I learned how to keep 137 people interested in a safety demo on the plane. The key was being interested in what I was saying. If I was interested they were more likely to listen to me. So I made it a game, made it fun. I learned how to calm the energy of an entire aircraft of people with what I said and how I said it. I announced to the passengers on my plane getting ready to depart San Diego on September 11, 2001 what had happened in New York and DC, and what was going to happen next with their flight. The Captain and the First Officer refused to make an announcement to the passengers on board so as the first flight attendant, I did.

Then I started classes at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and I learned about "holding space", being neutral and grounded. Being centered and coming from an open heart space, listening in love and acceptance. I learned that sometimes when I speak it comes from a deeper more powerful place than my own simple human wisdom. I learned how to honor the place someone was in and not judge. I started to see how these simple acts of communication changed the entire experience of a conversation. It is amazing what can and will occur when the person(s) you are speaking with  knows that they are safe, truly safe, with you. There is healing in that space. I learned it and then I started teaching it.

And most recently, my sons have helped me to learn how to have deeply intimate conversations and remain detached from the outcome. I learned that sometimes the best and most loving act of communication I can do is to listen quietly and offer love. I learned that we are actually empowered when we can speak of our own fears, pain and weaknessness. 

And now recently I have been feeling limited in the work I have been doing and what I wish to do because I do not have a degree. It is time to change that. I have much to learn. I have much to teach. I have much to create and I understand that now is the time for the next step. And so, a bachelors in communication here I come!

I am grateful to the million + people who have taught me these things. Whether they were in my life for a decades or for a moment. And I am grateful for the millions more I have to learn from. I am celebrating.

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