Friday, December 14, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 14

Small Celebration

It was a difficult day today. I was on the verge of tears much of the day. I felt and thought about the trauma the survivors will have to heal, the pain of those who had a love one die and especially those parents who are facing their first night of not tucking in their child in to bed.

Then, in this sadness, I remember

I believe in the power of Love. 
I know that the power of Love is real and can, has and will change the world. 
I also believe that Love is a verb, an action or string of actions. 
Love is the choices we make in every day life. 
Today I have seen many posts about prayer for all involved in the events of Newtown, CT this morning, including my own, and I think of an old African proverb

"When you pray, move your feet."

So as we pray may we move our feet so that we can be that Love in action and change the world.

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