Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 9

Small Celebration

Today was the first day in months that I have had an afternoon to myself. No classes to teach or grade. No sick child to take care of. Not sick myself. I was not needing to catch up on sleep due to Nolan not sleeping. I did not need to try to nap because I was sick. 
So, you may be asking yourself, what did I do?
I watched one of my all time favorite movies - Love Actually - with my mom. A wonderful movie with a number of stories about love interwoven together. It is real and sad and romantic with the British humor that makes me laugh until I cry. It helped me to remember that I am a romantic sometimes too. It was good to be reminded of that. In small celebration, I thought I would include a link to THE BEST minute of the movie. 
The Pointer Sisters sing "Jump" and Hugh begins to shake his hips.  
Just try to watch it and not giggle.

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