Tuesday, December 31, 2013

25 Events of 2013 - In No Particular Order

    1.       We got Nolan’s official diagnosis in May – severe autism.
    2.       A beautiful friend of mine died unexpectedly in his sleep in February – I miss you John.
    3.       Finally had the finances to do some of the things I had been wanting to do in Eli’s name since he died in 2010. Every single penny and every single moment was worth it. 
    4.       I became a published author again! Thanks Tova!  
    5.       Police, CPS, family court and lawyer’s fees – oh my……
    6.       Nolan started developmental preschool. He is absolutely thriving there.
    7.       Helped support some fellow baby loss moms in connecting with their child on the other side, on their own.
    8.       Started back to college to finish my degree. My sister was my inspiration.
    9.       I have heard my little man’s voice. Nolan finally picked up the first sign. We had been working on it for months and he hasn’t looked back. He’s now up to 5 and starting to sing the alphabet.
   10.    I didn’t get to see my niece and nephews in Tucson as much as I wanted to this year. I miss them.
   11.    Took HUGE steps in healing old wounds, forgiveness of myself and others, reclaiming my power and remembering to trust in the Universe.
   12.    Months and months and months of being up 2-4 hours in the middle of the night with a little boy who doesn't sleep well.
   13.    Amazing moments of cuddling, silliness and love with my little one in those 2-4 hours of middle of the night awakeness.
   14.    Knowing I am stronger than I ever thought I was, and I have always thought I was pretty strong.
   15.    Finally coming to the point of starting to create holiday traditions for my little family. It has been a hard road.
   16.    Understanding that the new year doesn’t move me further away from Eli. He comes with us.
   17.    My little man sat on Santa’s lap!
   18.    The loss of some old friendships.
   19.    The gain of some new friendships.
   20.    Knowing how lucky I am to have my client base, some who have been with me for years now and they always recommend me to others.
   21.    Being acknowledged as a spiritual mentor to a wildly successful, beautiful and spirited young woman.
   22.    Being told yesterday that I do not look anywhere near 45. I feel like the past 4 years have aged me more than any other time in my life. 
   23.    I finished Eli’s picture book and got his beautiful Molly Bear.
   24.    I am honored to continue to be a faculty member at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.
   25.    Remembering in all of this that I choose what it means. And I know it means I am blessed.