Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Month of Small Celebrations - December 5

Small Celebration

Today was a difficult day for a couple of reasons Woke up with a migraine. Having a heck of a time getting anyone to look at my resume and say "Hey! I need to hire this amazing, talented, wonderful woman!" Sometimes Nolan's upcoming evaluation with the developmental pediatrician weighs on me. I had a sometimes time with that today.
Today I also had a follow up appointment with my endocrinologist. I had my thyroid removed in 2011 due to a cancer diagnosis. Then in my year follow up ultra sound they found a small mass in the supposedly empty area where my thyroid used to be. Alarms went off, they talked about full body scans, a dose of radioactive iodine.. Instead we went with wait and see. I had another full blood panel done and went in today to get the results. My blood was tested for thyroglobulin - the classic marker for problems after a thyroid has been removed. Because I have no thyroid my body should not be making any thyroglobulin, So if the number is even measurable it can indicate a problem. The results of the test today? My thyroglobulin levels are so low they cannot even be measured!!!  Wonderful news. Basically a negative for my one year follow up for cancer. They want to do another ultra sound to see if there is anything to see but right now there is celebration going on.  :)
Today I got a wonderful Christmas gift in the mail! I joined in a Christmas ornament gift exchange in one of the grief groups I am in. I did this last year and my person never sent me a gift. This year I took part again and the person sending me the gift sent it early! It is two beautiful personalized ornaments. One with both of my sons and one in remembrance of my Eli. I am grateful to my friend Shaina for taking the time and energy to have these wonderful gifts created for me and my sons. 

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