Monday, January 31, 2011

The Way You Do That Thing You Do

My Daring Nolan

The way you smile with your mouth open, sticking your tongue out when you laugh with your friend the ceiling fan

The way you rub your face in my neck when I hold you

The way you wrap your arm around my neck as you fall asleep on my shoulder

The way you shake your head at me sometimes when I ask you a question – seeming to tell me “no” at 5 months old!

The way you wiggle around when you have to burp like you are trying to wiggle it out of yourself

The way you stare at the pictures of your brother Eli and coo

The way you hold my hands when I feed you

The way you grunt, groan and growl at various times though out the day

The way you stretch the way I do when you wake up in the morning

The way you make eye contact with everyone who makes eye contact with you

The way you are so patient while waiting for your bottle until instantly you are done with being patient and you let me know

The way you wrinkle your brows and purse your lips when you seem to be thinking

The way you make small little sighs in between your swallows as you eat

The way you look at and reach out to touch your musical, night light seahorse when you are tucked in to your crib at night

The way you do that thing you do to make me love you, more than I ever thought possible. Lucky me - I am blessed.

Love ~

Your mommy

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