Friday, January 7, 2011

You've got me. I am right here.

Shortly after my boys were born they were assigned a developmental specialist who observed both of them in their daily care and made recommendations on their care. Eli was observed first. His observation time was the first time that I held him, 9-7-10. This is a part of what the specialist observed and wrote up for me. I had no idea at the time how much this would mean to me.

"After Eli's temperature was taken and diaper changed, his caregiver prepared him to be held for the very first time by his mom, skin-to-skin (kangaroo holding). Eli responded to his cares by extending his legs are arms out pushing into his nest, his mom talked to Eli softly as she approached his bed. Piperlyne gently picked Eli up and cradled him unto her chest, as Eli squirmed extending his arms out as his fingers on his hands fanned wide apart, as if saying stop. Once Piperlyne sat in the nearby chair with Eli, and with the assistance of his caregiver, they got Eli comfortable in his mother's arms, he melted in her arms from the familiar and comfort of being close to his mother again. After a couple of minutes in his mother's arms, he transitions nicely into a quiet awake state and works hard to move his head so he can look up towards his mother's face. Once Piperlyne was comfortable with Eli in her arms and all of the pictures were taken of this memorable occasion, I left mother and son alone to have some bonding and loving time together...."

Both Eli and Nolan worked very hard to look at my face during our holding times. I would say to them. "You've got me. I am right here...."


  1. I just woke from a dream... of you and I hanging out and you telling me the incredible journey you have been on. I sat in awe of your spirit.

    One regret I have about leaving Phoenix is that I am not able to be there for you, as I am sure I would have been every step of the way had I stayed. I know you have a lot of support and people around you, I just wish one of them could have been me. I think about you all the time Piperlyne, thank you for sharing your thoughts and your words. You are surly missed. Namaste - Andrea

  2. Andrea - How wonderful I saw you in a dream! I am sure that somewhere in there we laughed just like we used to!
    Thank you for the love even if it has to come all the way from Canada.