Friday, March 8, 2013

Philosophy 101

I started my classes this Monday and it looks like I am going to be doing a LOT of writing. I thought it would be fun to share some of my work on my blog too.
This post has some of my response to my first assignment in Philosophy.

My philosophy of life is to love. I desire to see the love in my life, in this world. I believe that love is the driving force of the Universe; it is the glue that connects us. For me, love is another word for what many people call God. This love I speak of is love at it’s highest vibration, not "I love toast" but love as a verb. Love as a way that we choose to see the world. Love as a way we choose to approach others. Love as a way to change our world. “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Dalai Lama.

Love is my philosophy. Everything I do, say, think, believe is put up against what I understand Love to mean. If I am making a choice or taking an action that does not resonate as a loving choice I look to change it immediately. If I cannot change it immediately then I know there is an opportunity to grow my awareness and my depth so that I can take an action or make a choice that is in love. This love is not localized but universalized, to love others as myself and to love myself as others. I am responsible for me. I carry a specialized responsibility for my children. I am responsible for you. That is my philosophy of love in action. The love I speak of is not the attached form of human love, which is extremely important for humans, but the detached love for all and every thing. The love I speak of is the love that does not need to control or need to feel needed but simply allows. Sometimes seeing that love in the pain of our everyday lives is the most difficult and challenging thing to do but it has been my experience that it is always worth it.

As a human being who has seen ugliness and violence in life I have to believe that there is something deeper and more, something under the fear that being human brings. As I worked to heal the trauma of a violent rape, I was forced to go past hatred or victimhood, because regardless of how valid those feelings were, neither of them helped me heal or forgive. And healing and forgiving was the only way I could see to save myself from my own pain. It was in that process that that philosophy of love introduced itself to me. If I could go deeper than I have ever gone to see my trauma through the eyes of love I might, just might, make it out of the hole of rage and fear I was in. And yes, it was love that saved me. Not the love of someone else, human or otherwise, but my ability to see my experience with the eyes of love. That is what helped me to heal. I began to experience and understand the difference between the attached human love and the unattached Universal love. I reached this state through analyzing my thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. I forced myself to entertain concepts that seemed foreign to me. In the end I let go of what did not ring as true and kept what made sense to me and my experiences. And that is Love as a way of life. Love as a philosophy.

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