Thursday, March 28, 2013

Broken Open

Saw this in my email today - 
"Only in hindsight, Piperlyne, will the miracles become obvious, will you see you were guided, and will you find there was order all along.
"Otherwise," as you once said, a long, long time ago, "it would all be too easy..." ~ TUT

Reading this I remember the vision I had of myself, a while ago, still in spirit surrounded by loved ones going through the different lives I might choose to reincarnate in to. We hit on this one and flipped through the pages together and as we got to the end I raised my hand and said "I can do this. I am perfect for this!" The story goes, I was so excited about this life I even stopped to chat with my mom while she was carrying me to let her know what my name was going to be. Similar to what my boys did with me.

WOW - what I ride I have chosen.

Sometimes someone is placed in front of me and when I talk to them, I can see it in their eyes, they think I am broken because of what I have gone through. I guess used to be, I was broken open, but I am not broken any longer. But it does remind me that I am sharper with my words than I used to be. I am quieter than I used to be and I am more cautious than I used to be. I am also stronger than I used to be. I take much less for granted than I used to and I love deeper than I ever have before. 

I just hope that I am not lying to myself. I don't want to be broken.

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