Friday, September 2, 2011

Virginia Piper Cancer Center - Part II

Had another appointment at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center yesterday. This was the post-op visit.

I had my surgery on the 23rd to remove my thyroid. It went well, so I was told. My sister flew in to help me and my mom with Nolan. My brother, Lucas, took off a day of work to sit at the hospital and wait with my mom. My SIL, Natalie, came up from Tucson to help and visit over the weekend. I am lucky to have such an amazing family.
I woke up from the surgery in post op with terrible pain. I whispered to the attending nurse over and over again that I hurt. At first he took it in stride telling me I just came out of surgery and I should be hurting. But I knew it was more than that. I began to cry quiet little tears out of the sides of my eyes. I hurt so much there was nothing else I could do. The nurse asked me if I was scared or having anxiety. I shook my head, barely, and whispered "No. I hurt." This time he believed me. I got 4 rounds of morphine until the pain finally faded away. My one hour post op visit turned into three. Until the pain was under control the nurse would not release me. I heard him call up to the nurse taking over my care before I was released, he said "When she tells you she is in pain believe her."

I was released from the hospital the next day at noon with a prescription for percocet and cytomel (thyroid meds). I went through that bottle of percocet in less than a week. The internal trauma from the surgery still hurts, more than a week out. In response to the pain in my neck (literally) the back of my neck and shoulders started tensing up in pain - Not a fun week.

But - things change. On Friday my surgeon called me on his way out of the office to let me know he got the pathology report back. All good news..... The cancer was in one small nodule with well defined edges. As far as he was concerned there would be no further treatment needed. His exact words "You are cured." I was so excited! But I put a lid on it. I wanted to talk to him and my oncologist face to face before I got overly excited...

So back to the second visit to the Virginia Piper Cancer Center. I met with my oncologist yesterday and she said the same thing. In her opinion, I met all the criteria to suspend any further treatment. I just need to make sure I get my blood work done in another 6 months to check my TSH levels.
I promised to do it. I have a very good reason to do so, wrapped up in an almost one year old body of a little boy.

I truly am amazed, once again, by the medical professionals that have been put in my path since the TTTS diagnosis for my boys last year until now. I have not been a fan of "western medicine" for a LONG time. For most of my life I had met very few who I liked, respected, made sense to me and were able to actually help me. My experience has changed. I have had a number of medical experiences in the past 18 months and I have been honored with amazingly caring, professional, gifted and respectful professionals. I feel blessed. As difficult as the past 18 months have been I truly feel as though I have been guided through these experiences and the exact person to help me move through each experience was brought into my path.

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