Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Birthdays and Angelversaries

So last Sunday was my boys' first birthday. How strange to only celebrate with one of them. I held the party at a beautiful park. So many family and friends joined us in the 110 degree heat - Oh My Goodness.....

I was really excited to celebrate Nolan's birthday. I feel like he got shorted. He and his brother came very early - before the shower. Then of course Eli died and Nolan was in the hospital for over 2 months after that. When we did have a baby shower, it was very small. The situation of my boys' birth just did not leave much room for the celebration my little miracle deserved. So, I was so very excited to give Nolan the party he deserved where he would be celebrated as he should have been.

It was an emotional day for me, very up and down, tears and smiles, and sometimes both. One of Nolan's and Eli's NICU nurses, Amy, joined us at the party. The moment I saw her walk up to the party I started sobbing. I surprised myself. There was such emotion that sprung up when I saw her, the gratitude for her care of my sons, her connection to Eli and the fact that the last time I had seen her was the last night Nolan was in the NICU. For a couple of months after Nolan's release I would call/text her with questions or concerns, she was always there for me. She truly was a guardian angel to Nolan and I during the first months of his life.

Amy feeding Nolan with me watching - she taught me how to feed Nolan!

There were a couple of more times throughout the party where I shed some tears, whenever I spoke of Eli. About midway through the party I invited everyone to take a sharpie and write a note to Eli on a balloon so it could be released to him at the end of the party. I could barely get the words out before I started crying. We released them at the end of the party. They had notes of love written all over them.

I am coming up on Eli's one year angelversary. That is a term many mothers who have lost their babies use to explain that devastating day when their child left their arms forever - angelversary. I CANNOT believe a year ago today I still had two little boys living, developing and growing as they should have been. A year ago today was the first day that I had held both of my days in one day and I held both of them at least once everyday until Eli's death. I want to do something special with Nolan in memory of his brother but I don't know what yet... I guess I still have time - "A" day is September 15th. Eli died September 15th. September 15th.....

To end I want to include a picture of the beautiful birthday boy with birthday cake all over his face. I love you silly monkey!

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