Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stubborn Survivor

My little boy has such a will. He's as stubborn as all get out. There is no forcing him into anything. This makes for some interesting times like this morning. He does NOT like the antibiotics he is taking for his ear infection. And to try to physically force him gets more in his hair and on him than in him. So we had a stand off this morning. It took about 45 minutes before he agreed to take his medicine. Helping him to maintain the integrity of his body and still do what he needs to do.

Now, of course, my mom thought this was terribly funny because he is a mini me in this. So as challenging as he can be at times. I smile because I know he's a survivor, he's a fighter. His light will always shine brightly he will take what comes his way, and make it work for him and continue to love, just like he has since he was born and even before.

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