Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"This sadness will not crush you."

"When you experience grief it is important to allow yourself to feel all aspects of it. ALL of it, including the parts that seem 'wrong', the things that don't make sense, the ones that seem silly or small. Do not judge your grief. In most cases we experience things in connection to our loss that we did not expect or maybe don't understand. Acceptance is the key."

"I am afraid that if I let myself feel the sadness that it will never stop."

"It might very well feel like that. You will feel the hurt and that is okay. Okay in the sense as that it is okay that you feel it, not that the hurt is okay. Moving through the grief and allowing it to move through you makes sure that you will NOT find yourself to be that shadow of a person who's sadness has taken over their entire life."

A conversation between myself and one of my clients today. The loss she was working through was different from my experience with the death of my Eli but there were words I was saying to her that I was also in the need of hearing. My next client after her was a woman who was still reeling from the unexpected death of her adult child 3 years ago.

A powerful and moving day of work.

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