Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy 2013 to everyone!

I wish you
Beauty and Truth
Clarity and Kindness
Grace and Strength
Love and Light

The winds of change are already starting up for 2013. Keeping my nose up, turning in to the wind, flying fast and guided by the Light and Love.

I found an amazing new facebook page in support of parents of children with autism. Autism Sparkles. This quote is taken from a blog post by the owner of the page 

"After that day, I decided autism might just be the most scary brilliant thing I’d ever come to know in my life.  There could be so much radiance sparkling just under the surface if you looked closely.  I vowed right then we would not seal our fate because of the lack of expectation others held for him  and I would never again hand him over to the dark side of autism that gave up before it ever got started." 

I knew this page was for me as soon as I saw it.

And finally this
While the storm may very well be "the dark night of our soul" and the most difficult thing we will ever face;
if we open ourselves up
allow ourselves to be torn asunder 
and then get up with the light to move forward again

This storm could be one of the most amazing gifts of our lives.

Love <3

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