Friday, April 1, 2011

Nolan Updates

Nolan is almost 7 months and growing wonderfully. As of today he is 26.5 inches long and 17lb 11oz. He is at the 50 percentile for 7 months. That is amazing since he was 3 months early and is only expected to be at 4 months developmentally!

We had an appt with the pulmonologist today to check his apnea monitor. He did have one very small episode where his heart rate dropped on Sunday but other than that it looks good. :) The doctors believe it is still because of his reflux. But that is improving also. He will be tested again in another 2 months and we will be keeping him on the monitor for another couple of months as I start to wean MYSELF off the safety of it.

His surgeon is so happy with how he is healing from the surgery. He is going to start doing less evasive surgeries like Nolan's when he can since Nolan has done so well. My little guy has about another 3-4 weeks in this helmet before he outgrows it. The therapist working with him is so impressed with how good the shape of his head is. We are hoping he will not need to be fitted in to another one. It'll be tough on him during the summer here in Phoenix .

Last but not least, Nolan is a charmer, he charms everyone, men and women alike. People stop and say "Hi, Nolan" smile and tell me how adorable, cute, wonderful he is. We had a family in the elevator with us when we were leaving the hospital today, a mom, dad and two boys. The dad asked why he had a helmet on. I explained and he asked how he was doing. I said great, he is healing well. The dad reached down to Nolan and fist bumped him saying "Good job!"

Loving my Nolan and missing my Eli.

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